The next step after your Encounter... Building on the foundational teaching received on ENCOUNTERS,  ENRICHMENTS take individuals who have previously attended an encounter & served deeper in their relationship with the PERSON, PRESENCE, and POWER of Holy Spirit. These conferences offer times of teaching and ministry, as we all continue to seek transformation, wholeness, and freedom.


Anyone who has previously ATTENDED an Encounter AND has SERVED on an Encounter at least once is able to register for an ENRICHMENT. Like all HSE conferences, registrations will be processed and accepted as they are received until we reach conference capacity.


You can only attend an Enrichment ONCE.

If you have previously attended an Enrichment please do not register to attend again. 


MEN'S & WOMEN'S Enrichments are Co-Ed Conferences, with men and women housed separately. 


Our TEEN Enrichments are separate conferences.

MeN'S & WOMEN'S ENRICHMENT ~ May 3rd-5th