Teen Boy's Encounter TEAM Assignments

 February 24th - 26th, 2023

Please read all team assignments as some may be serving in dual roles.

Team Assignments can change to meet Encounter Conference needs. 


Grant Necastro (Co-Leads)

Michael Necastro (Co-Leads)

Dylan McMeans

Gavin Johnson

Jagger Barrett

Joshua Davis

Landon Barden


Snack Shack

Carmelo & Eva Macfie (Co-Leads)




Brad Sorrows (Lead)

Alex Ward

David Delk

George Ashmore

Paul Burt



David Hall (Lead)

Carmelo Macfie

Daniel Calhoun

John Morris



Susan Logan (Lead)

Brayden Allen (Co-Lead)

Carlos Montengro

Gary Wright 

Sean Evans


AV Technology

Grant Necastro (Co-Leads)

Michael Necastro (Co-Leads)



Trista Dickey (Check-In)

Treva Richter (Pictures)


Prayer Rooms

Keith Richter (Lead)

Elijah Dickey

Darryl Logan

David Eads

David Hall

Dutch Nelson

Greg Dove

Ingrid Bundy

James Ammons

Jon Johnson

Kenny Bundy

Mike Stripling

Rick Neal

Terri Dove

Tom Necastro

Treva Richter


Prayer Room escort

Garrett Neal (Lead )

Jason Dean



Rick Neal (Lead)

Garrett Neal

Jason Dean

Tom Necastro


Kitchen & Dining

Ingrid Bundy (Lead)

Sha Nelson (Co-Lead)

Alyssa Evans

Hannah Langley

Kylie Ward

Treva Richter

Trista Dickey

Callie Langley (Dining)

Emilie Dupuis (Dining)

Eva Macfie (Dining)